July 17, 2020

Colorado Springs Airport reintroduces itself as Colorado’s small airport

Colorado Springs Airport

Colorado Springs, CO – Record numbers of travelers were passing through America’s airports before the coronavirus. Now airlines and airports are looking for ways to reach and reassure travelers and invite them back to fly.

Locally, Colorado Springs Airport (COS) has chosen a novel approach. They’re marketing themselves as Colorado’s small airport.

“There are two major airports on the Front Range,” says COS’ Director of Aviation, Greg Phillips. “We’re the small one, and that brings some big, inherent benefits for travelers.”

“Flying from a small airport is convenient, comfortable, and friendly because there’s less traffic, easy parking and short lines,” says Marketing and Communications Manager, Aidan Ryan. “In the case of our airport, small also means big choices for direct flights to major hubs.”

Phillips says the Colorado Springs Airport is the first he knows of that is proudly proclaiming the benefits it offers as a small airport. While it’s always been obvious that COS is smaller than many other airports, the advantages of flying from a small airport have only become clearer since the arrival of the coronavirus.

“People know intuitively that small airports are easier and less stressful. We’re making it an explicit point of reference and a great reason to fly from here rather than make the long drive north to Denver.”

The launch of Colorado’s small airport is starting with a digital, radio, and social marketing campaign created in collaboration with an award-winning Colorado agency, the Narrator Group. The Narrator Group also developed the “small airport” messaging strategy.

Jay Sunny, Narrator Group’s Chief Creative Officer, says the importance of the message is too often overlooked in marketing. “This is a great core message. Not because it’s unusual, necessarily, but because it’s focused and true to the mission and focus on service at the Colorado Springs Airport.

“The shop local and the slow food movement show us what’s possible,” says Phillips. “We really care about our customers at COS and we hope people are going to fall in love with Colorado’s small airport.”

Learn more about Colorado’s small airport here.



Courtesy of the Colorado Springs Airport