May 10, 2018

Chief Executive Magazine Ranks Colorado as One of the Top States for Business

Side of High Rise Building in Downtown Colorado Springs

This month, Chief Executive released its new state business report, the Best and Worst States for Business 2018. Colorado ranked #8, experiencing an increase of five spots from 2017. The ranking considered state regulations, workforce quality and living environment, and highlighted several interviews with CEOs from around the country.

Chief Executive featured Vance Brown, CEO and founder of Colorado Springs-based Cherwell Software, in a supporting article, Colorado Jumps in Rankings on Strength of Living Environment, High-Tech Workforce. Brown’s company, which recently announced a $172 million dollar investment increase with global investment firm KKR, was drawn to the region for its young, high tech workforce.

According to Brown, “We’ve got one of the best high-tech work forces in the country – and that’s essential if you’re going to be a high-tech entrepreneur.”

Brown went on to credit Colorado for its progressive state legislature, citing a bill that is currently underway that would encourage state officials to track records using blockchain technology. He also compared Colorado Springs to Silicon Valley, noting, “you can live here for a much lower cost of living … But if you like urban and big-city offerings, Denver is just 45 minutes away.”

With more than $670 million in downtown investment, a robust pipeline of millennial talent settling in the region, and a cost of living that remains below the national average, Colorado Springs continues to lead by example. To learn more about investment opportunities and economic incentives in Colorado’s fastest growing city, visit our business section for further details.