November 19, 2019

Scientific Applications & Research Associates, Inc. (SARA) announces expansion and new location in Colorado Springs

Scientific Applications & Research Associates, Inc. (SARA), headquartered in Cypress, CA, announced today their rapidly growing Colorado Springs operations will be expanding and relocating to a new facility in the city.

SARA, an employee-owned company, is dedicated to the rapid research, development, and delivery of innovative technical solutions to difficult problems posed by its customers. The company has expertise in high-power electro-magnetics (HPEM), threat warning systems, and a variety of electromagnetic (EM)/radio frequency (RF)/acoustic/electrical diagnostic capabilities and products. The company’s primary locations are in Southern California and Colorado Springs.

Established in 1989, SARA was formed to harness the creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit of engineers and scientists in a small business setting, where agility and flexibility are paramount. In 2005, SARA initiated operations in Colorado Springs by hiring a single employee. In 2006, the growing SARA Colorado Springs team rented a 2,800 square-foot barn to conduct their research and development. Since then, SARA Colorado Springs has steadily grown to more than 110 employees and now occupies 130,000 square feet of lab, design, production, and office space.

SARA’s newly renovated Colorado Springs facility at 6795 Campus Drive accommodates workspace for every stage of development from customer-driven concepts to manufactured solutions. SARA’s Colorado Springs team primarily focuses on solutions in pulsed power and directed energy, RF/ electromagnetic pulse (EMP) engineering and testing, and a variety of products including: RF/EM shielded volumes, high energy density capacitors, high power microwave sources, pulsers, and multiple diagnostic tools and software packages. Additionally, SARA’s Colorado Springs senior scientists and engineers are currently working with the government and other contractors to harden U.S. power systems and infrastructure from EM interference.

SARA conservatively plans to add 50 employees in the Colorado Springs area in the next five years. Open positions in Colorado Springs include physicist; electrical, mechanical, robotics, pulse power and RF engineers; CAD drafter; and finance positions.

Dr. Parviz Parhami, SARA’s CEO said, “We are delighted but not surprised by our continued expansion in the Colorado Springs area. The Colorado Springs area is business-friendly, family-oriented, and offers an affordable cost of living – making it possible to hire and relocate professionals from other parts of the country. We fully expect to continue our rapid expansion in Colorado Springs in the coming years.”

“It’s fun!” – Dave Fromme, senior scientist and founding member of SARA’s Colorado Springs office in reference to working at SARA.

“Our team has been engaged in discussions with SARA regarding their growth plans for several years and we could not be more pleased that SARA has chosen to expand their operations in our community,” said Dirk Draper, president & CEO for the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC. “Their highly technical and innovative work is further evidence of the critical, cutting-edge technologies that are being developed and implemented out of Colorado Springs.”

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