July 14, 2020


Pyxant Labs provides industry-leading FDA-regulated bioanalytical services to pharmaceutical companies developing new drugs.

Our DATA for LIFE® mantra celebrates our participation in an industry that saves lives. We fulfill an essential role in the drug development process. We have built seminal capabilities that have directly supported cures for hepatitis, a better understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease, antivirals for HIV, and new therapeutics for coronavirus.

We founded Pyxant Labs in 2000 right here in Colorado Springs and we continue to call our site on Forge Road home. We employ 50 people; most are chemists and biologists. Job levels range from interns from local high schools to Ph.D. scientists. We have hired dozens of entry-level scientists through longstanding relationships with faculty at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Pyxant Labs hires people with specialized talent in high-demand, both locally as well as nationwide. Individuals with such skills have choices of superior places to work and live. The Colorado Springs community bolsters our efforts to engage our people with superior opportunities for career progression, a flexible work environment, and work-life balance. While our much-touted outdoor beauty and emphasis on healthy lifestyles are important, so are the high quality primary and secondary education systems and the economic development and business environments in which our city leaders have advanced dramatically during the last several years.

This exceptional Colorado Springs environment is a quite meaningful element contributing to the innovative work our people do


Courtesy of Pyxant Labs