October 18, 2023

Prime Time Pups Shares Dog Training Tips to Address Challenging Behavior

By Jayne Mhono, Communications Manager

Often called “man’s best friend,” dogs have a long history of building close relations and friendships with humans and are naturally inclined to seek attention. The bonds between humans and their four-legged companions demonstrate the dogs’ affection and loyalty toward humans.

Without training, this affection and the continued need for attention can be confused with aggression. Dogs have different personalities; some are docile and quiet, while others are unusually active. Reactive dogs overreact to things like sounds, smells, light, or anything that causes physical discomfort. Training enables dog owners to understand their dogs and what they try to communicate through different behaviors.

Fostering Harmony in Households and Communities

Taliyah Murphy, Co-owner of Prime Time Pups, says that dog training builds good behavior and enables dogs to co-exist peacefully with humans. “Dog training promotes harmony in households, as trained dogs are better equipped to understand and respond to dog owners’ expectations,” said Murphy. “Dog training plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of our furry friends. It empowers dogs with essential skills, such as recall and proper socialization, reducing the risk of accidents and conflicts.”

On a broader scale, dog training contributes to building more inclusive and compassionate communities. By promoting responsible pet ownership and addressing behavioral issues, dog owners prevent potential problems and facilitate positive interactions between dogs and people.

Founded by Rio Davis and Taliyah Murphy, Prime Time Pups, offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of dogs and pet owners. The Center molds dogs to live in harmony with society. Its obedience package teaches five key commands: Sit, down, stay, come, and heel. “These commands serve as the building blocks for a well-mannered and obedient canine companion. Our expert trainers ensure that your dog learns and understands the commands thoroughly, fostering effective communication and trust between you and your pet,” said Rio Davis, Co-owner of Prime-Time Pups.

Building Trusting Relationships with Furry Friends

Dog behavior like barking, chewing, digging, begging, and separation anxiety can cause problems for pet parents. Although common in dogs, changing this attitude should not be difficult. Davis says the key to dog training lies in channeling this attention to influence positive outcomes. “Dogs learn to engage with their owners in a controlled and polite manner. This enhances the overall relationship and ensures that the dog’s needs for interaction and engagement are met in a healthy and constructive way, “said Davis.

On the other hand, a lack of or inconsistent attention can cause undesirable behaviors in dogs, leading to frustration and stress. Cases of dogs biting humans continue to feature in the news media, which begs the question, why do dogs bite? Davis says this is a complex issue that requires a balanced perspective that respects dogs and humans. Fear, anxiety, pain, or territorial instincts may cause aggression. Davis encourages dog owners to investigate the underlying cause of aggressive behavior.

According to Davis, comprehensive training, early socialization, and positive reinforcement are essential in preventing hostility. Responsible ownership, professional guidance, and awareness education by dog owners can help prevent bites by understanding the body language, ensuring their dogs are well-trained, and seeking professional guidance where necessary.

However, handling bad behavior should be done with empathy to understand the root cause of the problem. Training involves building a trusting relationship by rewarding good behavior to create a nurturing environment for dogs to thrive. Seeking help from professional trainers like Prime Time Pups provides access to expert insights and tailored strategies for addressing challenging behavior while preserving existing bonds.

In pursuit of its mission of “Helping dogs, helping people, helping communities,” Prime Time Pups specializes in behavioral modifications that address aggression, separation anxiety, reactivity, excessive barking, jumping, and digging.

Prime Time Pups employs a harmonious blend of compassion, expertise, and a fine-tuned balance that prioritizes the well-being of dogs and their owners. The Training center taps into canine psychology by utilizing techniques like clicker training, obedience training, and leashing training to cater to the specific needs and personality of each dog.

Its professionally trained and certified team of seven experts works meticulously to provide the highest standards of care for pets.

The training center also offers specialized training for emotional support animals.

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