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Nominations open for 2020 Business Citizen of the Year and Industry Awards

Our members are always making amazing things happen. Every year, we recognize outstanding leadership and innovation in business with our Business Citizen of the Year and Industry Awards at our Annual Gala where we celebrate our business community’s greatest achievements.

Nominations for all categories are being accepted now through Friday, Sept. 25, 2020. The four awards include:

Business Citizen of the Year
This award recognizes a business individual who contributes to the economic stability of the Colorado Springs area, is involved in the betterment of this community through active civic participation, and has demonstrated willingness to assist in business and community projects, among other factors. Nominees should include business leaders who advocate for our community and embody the spirit of collaboration. Recent honorees include Kevin O’Neil (2019), Vance Brown (2018), Kent Fortune (2017), Pamela Shockley-Zalabak (2016), Tom Neppl (2015), and Chuck Murphy (2014). Please see below for a complete list of past award recipients.

Industry Awards
There are three Industry Awards categories:

  • Company of the Year is awarded to a business that has made a significant impact on its industry, performed extraordinary work on a project or continuing program, and is a leader in employee satisfaction and community engagement.
  • New Business of the Year goes to a company that established within the last year and is based on its success-to-date in terms or orders, sales, and/or revenues.
  • Community Investment of the Year is awarded to the company that has made the biggest investment in the community in terms of assets purchased.

Here’s your chance to recognize and provide an incredible testimonial about your company, mentors, peers, employees, and partners! 

Business Citizen of the Year nomination form
Industry Awards nomination form

Save the date for our 2020 Annual Gala. Event details here.

Past Business Citizen of the Year award recipients
• Kevin O’Neil (2019)
• Vance Brown (2018)
• Kent Fortune (2017)
• Pamela Shockley-Zalabak (2016)
• Tom Neppl (2015)
• Chuck Murphy (2014)
• Tony Fagnant (2013)
• David Jenkins (2011)
• Cari Shaffer (2010)
• Thayer Tutt (2009)
• Jim Johnson (2008)
• Dave Palenchar (2007)
• Steve Bigari (2006)
• Joel Midkiff (2005)
• Rick O’Connell (2004)
• Brenda Smith (2003)
• Doug Stimple (2002)
• Laura Muir (2001)
• Robert Scott (2000)
• Joseph Woodford, Jr. (1999)
• Lou Mellini (1998)
• Peter Susemihl (1997)
• Gary Loo (1996)
• David Sunderland (1995)
• Karl Flemke (1994)
• C. Lewis Christensen (1993)
• Stephen G. Bach (1992)
• William J. Hybl (1991)
• Sr. Myra James Bradley (1990)
• Harold U. Littrell (1989)
• Nechie Hall (1988)
• A. Marvin Strait (1987)
• Dusty Loo (1986)
• Bruce E. Shepard (1985)
• Ryer Hitchcock (1984)
• Harlan Ochs (1983)
• John W. Armstrong (1982)
• Joseph A. Reich, Sr. (1981)
• William Thayer Tutt (1980)
• Charles C. Brown (1979)
• Stephen M. Schuck (1978)
• Russell T. Tutt (1977)
• Thomas L. Pelican (1976)
• T. Eugene McCleary (1975)

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