May 19, 2020

Michelle Parvinrouh

All this opportunity is waiting.

“I moved here on a whim. I was pleasantly surprised by how connected I became with the community and how easy it was to get assimilated… and there’s no looking back. The community is really strong and really dedicated. Because it’s so easy to live here, to take a chance isn’t as scary as in other places.”

“I attest my own career success to the strong community. Because people are well connected and always looking to build bridges, it was really easy for me to venture out, utilize my network, start my own business, and get involved in ways that I found meaningful.”

“The startup community here is pretty young in its age of evolution, but its eager. It’s a great time to be in Colorado Springs as a young professional because all this opportunity is waiting to be cracked open, and it’s wonderful to be at Peak Startup at a time when we can really build a supportive net underneath and ignite the energy around this community.”

“We have a diversity that is a little different and is ready to be leveraged. We have a natural set of resources in terms of mentors and support, and have the great minds from sectors such as the DOD. It’s an exciting place to be.”

Michelle Parvinrouh is a Professional Business Contractor and the Executive Director of PeakStartup.