October 31, 2023

Mayor Yemi of Colorado Springs—a blueprint for functional governance in America

Mayor Yemi Mobolade (right) with NPR Reporter Tom Wilmer (left) at Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC.

Correspondent Tom Wilmer visits with Colorado Springs Mayor, Yemi Mobolade. Yemi Mobolade’s blueprint for successful governance is predicated on transparency, accessibility and being proactive as Mayor of Colorado Springs. Central to his mission is building relationships with neighborhoods and community organizations. Of paramount importance to Mobolade is public safety, housing affordability and infrastructure improvements such as roads and water. Equally important is economic vitality, job creation and talent development. Mobolade says his vision for the city is, “to propel Colorado Springs to become an inclusive, culturally rich, economically prosperous, and safe city on a hill that shines brightly.” His promise is to be a mayor for all the people. Come along and join Mayor Yemi Mobolade to discover the rest of the story and learn how an immigrant from West Africa has risen to become a shining star in Colorado Springs.

Listen to the whole story on Mayor Yemi Mobolade in Colorado Springs here.

Mayor Yemi Mobolade with NPR Correspondent Tom Wilmer.

Mayor Yemi Mobolade (left) with NPR Correspondent Tom Wilmer (right).

Mayor Yemi Mobolade

Colorado Springs Mayor Yemi Mobolade.