September 19, 2023

Business Spotlight: InnovaFlex Foundry

InnovaFlex Foundry logo

InnovaFlex Foundry is a Colorado Springs-based semiconductor manufacturer and high-resolution imaging solutions provider that moved from Silicon Valley in 2006. The company undertook a strategic rebrand in 2023, underscoring its dedication to becoming an industry leader across diverse markets.

As a winner of the 2023 Colorado Manufacturer Awards in the technology category, InnovaFlex Foundry is committed to excellence and innovation in the Pikes Peak region. We sat down with InnovaFlex’s CEO, Lindsay Pack, to discuss the company’s new direction and powerful growth opportunities in Colorado Springs.

headshot of Lindsay Pack, CEO of InnovaFlex Foundry

1. How do you foresee this new brand identity shaping the future of the company?

The new brand identity, InnovaFlex Foundry, signifies a strategic shift in the company’s direction and a commitment to innovation. By adopting this new identity, we aim to foster growth in diverse markets and expand our presence beyond its traditional semiconductor roots. The name change, along with our dedication to continuous improvement, efficiency, and quality, may attract more attention and interest from potential customers, partners, and investors who associate the name with innovation and flexibility.

With a focus on creating a wide range of electronics on both glass and flexible substrates, we at InnovaFlex aim to position ourselves as a leading manufacturer in advanced packaging, hybrid electronics, haptics, microfluidics, thin films, sensors/MEMS, imaging arrays, display technology, antenna solutions, and digital optical sensors. This broad spectrum of technologies can open up new opportunities for the company to collaborate with different industries such as military, medical, industrial, and security imaging.

Overall, the new brand identity could help us establish ourselves as a forward-thinking and versatile player in the semiconductor industry, driving growth and new business opportunities.


2. How has Colorado Springs been conducive to the growth of the company, and how are the business environment and assets for the semiconductor manufacturing industry in Colorado Springs unique from other locations across the country?

As the base for InnovaFlex’s headquarters, Colorado Springs offers several advantages that have contributed to the growth of the company:

Talent Pool: Colorado Springs is known for attracting skilled workforce, including engineers and technicians, which is essential for a technology-intensive industry like semiconductor manufacturing.  Colorado Springs’ quality of life, characterized by its natural beauty, outdoor recreation, cultural amenities, and safe environment, is a pivotal factor in attracting skilled professionals. This appealing combination fosters a well-balanced lifestyle and vibrant community, making the city an attractive destination for both fulfilling careers and personal contentment.

Business Environment: The business-friendly policies in Colorado Springs, such as tax incentives and support for innovation and entrepreneurship, have contributed to the company’s growth and expansion. The strong sense of community and networking opportunities within the different types of fields further enhance the overall quality of life, creating a supportive environment where professionals can thrive both personally and professionally.

Proximity to Research Institutions: The city’s proximity to research institutions, universities, and other technology-driven companies have provided access to cutting-edge research and collaborative opportunities. Additionally, our proximity to a cluster of semiconductor-related companies further enhances our potential for innovation and technological advancement.

Infrastructure: Colorado Springs provides access to modern infrastructure and amenities that are necessary for running a semiconductor manufacturing facility.

The semiconductor manufacturing industry in Colorado Springs may be unique from other locations across the country due to these factors, making it an attractive location for companies in the industry.


3. How is InnovaFlex’s work revolutionizing the future of semiconductor development and manufacturing? What facet of your role as CEO do you find most meaningful?

InnovaFlex’s impact on the future of semiconductor development and manufacturing is truly revolutionary, driven by our unique position as the only U.S. manufacture of our kind. We recognize the distinct opportunity to make a positive contribution to both national security and economic growth. Our commitment to this mission is deeply rooted in three fundamental pillars:

Innovation and Diverse Offerings: By focusing on electronics on both glass and flexible substrates and offering a wide range of product offerings, InnovaFlex is pushing the boundaries of conventional semiconductors. This approach allows for the development of cutting-edge technologies that cater to various industries’ needs, leading to new possibilities and applications.

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities: InnovaFlex’s state-of-the-art cleanroom and advanced equipment enable the company to deliver exceptional manufacturing capabilities. These capabilities are crucial for staying competitive in the semiconductor industry and addressing the increasing demand for advanced electronics.

Supportive Work Culture: The company’s emphasis on collaboration, communication, and mutual support fosters an environment where teammates can thrive and innovate. A happy and motivated workforce is essential for achieving high-quality and innovative products.

As the CEO of our dynamic team, my primary responsibility revolves around fostering an environment where our colleagues can unleash their utmost potential. I adopt an inspirational leadership style, striving to cultivate alignment and commitment to our shared vision. In this capacity, I am dedicated to help our vision come to life – a comprehensive transformation of the amorphous silicon semiconductor industry in the United States. With a highly skilled and motivated team in our corner, we stand poised to bring this transformative vision to fruition.


4. Why is it important for you to represent the high-tech and manufacturing industry as a board member for the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC?

As a board member for the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, representing the high-tech and manufacturing industry is crucial for several reasons:

Advocacy: Serving as a representative of the high-tech and manufacturing industry allows me to advocate for the industry’s needs and interests at the regional level. This can include promoting policies that support innovation, workforce development, and economic growth.

Collaboration and Networking: Being a part of the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC provides opportunities for collaboration and networking with other businesses, policymakers, and organizations. Such interactions can lead to valuable partnerships, access to resources, and potential collaborations. We embrace our U.S.A.-based identity and the close proximity to a dynamic community of similarly focused businesses within the tech HUB in Colorado Springs. These interactions not only foster a culture of mutual support but also provide access to a wealth of shared resources. Moreover, with willing and competent mentors in our community, we are empowered to navigate this collaborative landscape with confidence. Through these interactions, we unlock the potential for innovative collaborations that drive collective growth.

Industry Growth and Development: By actively participating in the Chamber & EDC, I can contribute to initiatives aimed at fostering the exponential growth and development of the high-tech and manufacturing sector in Colorado Springs, which has seen remarkable advancements in semiconductor economic development over the past year. This involvement can lead to a stronger ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

Economic Impact: The high-tech and manufacturing industry can significantly contribute to the local economy by creating jobs, attracting investment, and driving innovation. As a board member, I can help highlight these contributions and advocate for policies that support the industry’s sustainability and expansion. Furthermore, our focus extends beyond attracting talent to Colorado Springs; we are dedicated to growing and fostering local talent. In line with this commitment, more local programs have recently emerged, aiming to retain and nurture local talent. This dual approach strengthens our ecosystem and ensures a thriving industry that benefits the community as a whole.

Overall, representing the industry as a board member allows me to put my commitment to the region’s economic prosperity into action and reinforces the company’s position as a key player.