June 5, 2020

Bill Tracker

Inner dome of Colorado State Capitol

The Colorado General Assembly reconvened last week and pledged to focus on policies that would help the state recover from the coronavirus pandemic. We’re tracking a number of bills and advocating for business-friendly policies that will get people back to work, but we need your help.

A number of proposed policies would increase costs and regulations on businesses at a time when we can least afford it. Please write to your legislators TODAY and let them know:

  • That it’s important to you to care for your employees, and you want the flexibility to do it in a way that works for your business’s and employees’ unique circumstances. Share a story of how you are supporting your employees during this difficult time. Ask them not to pass mandates that propose new government programs that, while well-intentioned, may ultimately make it too costly or complicated for businesses to rehire employees.
  • Ask them to vote against Senate Bill 216, which adds billions in costs to the unemployment insurance fund, and to support Rep. Terri Carver’s proposal to use federal CARES funds to help keep the fund solvent, rather than charging employers higher premiums.
  • Ask them to vote against Senate Bill 215, will be a significant cost to businesses who are trying to provide health insurance to their employees when they need it the most.
  • Ask them to support Senate Bill 213, which would allow restaurants to continue serving to-go alcoholic beverages, a key revenue source for this industry that has been so hard hit by pandemic-related closures.

 Contact your elected officials: