March 20, 2020

Advocating for your business during COVID-19

We’re here to advocate for the resources and aid businesses need from the government. Right now, we are focused on mobilizing financial resources and securing swift regulatory relief. We are in frequent contact with local, state, and federal officials on your behalf, relaying the feedback we’ve received from our members.

Today, we participated in a call with Governor Polis, the Office of Economic Development, and the Department of Labor. We’re also co-hosting a telephone town hall with Senator Cory on March 23 so that you can provide him with input on how the federal government can help you.

We’re closely following Congress’s aid packages for businesses and employees and provided input to our delegation on what’s most helpful. Congress has passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which has several components:

  • Flexibility to states to determine unemployment insurance eligibility
  • An additional $1 billion in federal funding for state unemployment programs
  • Requires businesses with fewer than 500 employees to provide two weeks of paid sick leave to employees for COVID-19-related absences, including caring for children while schools are closed
  • Each quarter provides employers a fully refundable tax credit equal to 100% of the qualified sick leave wages paid by the employer (capped at $511 per day for 10 days, or $200 per day if the leave is to care for family members.)
  • Requires up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave

President Trump has announced his support for the measure and is expected to sign the bill soon.

Read the bill in full here: