Proudly Serving the Pikes Peak region

Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC consists of a team of talented individuals with a profound love for the city and the businesses within it. Meet our staff and board members and let us know how we can help you grow and succeed.

Johnna Reeder Kleymeyer
President & Chief Executive Officer 719-575-4321 Read Bio
Jim Lovewell
Chief Operating Officer 719-575-4325
Vincent Persichetti
Vice President, Administration 719-575-4340
Marion Davis
Accounting Specialist 719-575-4342
Thomas Rowley
Accounting Associate 719-884-4524
Kristen Baker
Administrative Assistant to the CEO 719-471-8183
Yvonne Harris
Reception Area Administrative Assistant 719-471-8183
Idanna Ortega-Bermudez
Operations Associate 719-884-6954
Sales & Marketing
Dani Bolling
Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Sales 719-575-4317
Erica Hogan
Director, Membership, Sales & Service 719-575-4329
Stephanie Mills
Director of Marketing and Communications 719-575-4314
Alison King
Events & Special Project Manager 719-575-4330
Jayne Mhono
Communications Manager 719-575-4332
Casey Scaggs
Membership Sales and Engagement Manager 719-884-4511
Riley Snyder
Membership and Government Affairs Associate 719-575-4312
Defense Development
Victoria Schaar
Defense Development Associate 719-471-8183
Economic Development
Sherry Hoffman
Director, Business Retention & Expansion 719-575-4311
Seth Pruett
Director, Project Management 719-884-2836
Tasha Baker
Manager, Business Intelligence 719-884-6954
Camille Lavon
Special Project Manager 719-884-2832
Shameeka Ford
Talent Programs Manager 719-575-4305
Government Affairs
Dave Dazlich
Vice President, Government Affairs 719-884-4530
Devin Camacho
Manager, Government Affairs 719-575-4307