November 17, 2023

A visit with U.S. Air Force Academy’s Space Force Detachment cadets

Inside Air Force Academy's Space Force Command: (Left to right) Lt Col Adam Wasinger, Tom Wilmer, Capt Sarah Dowdy, C3C Hunter Collins, C3C Adin Toole, C1C Abigail Ryan, C1C Mark Lema.

NPR Correspondent Tom Wilmer visits the United States Air Force Academy Space Force Detachment Star Command in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Wilmer spoke with Air Force Academy cadets about their passion for the Detachment and the Blue Horizon Rocket competition.

Listen to the conversations here.

Space Force Detachment wall displays.

Lt Col Adam Wasinger (left) with Tom Wilmer at U.S. Air Force Academy’s Space Force Delta 13 Detachment-1 Star Command.

Tom Wilmer (left) Capt Sarah Dowdy USAFA Space Force Detachment Director of Education