January 31, 2022

Find the Career for You in Colorado Springs

Young Professional Reads a Laptop at Formstack

Whether you call it The Great Resignation, The Big Quit, The Great Reset, or The Great Reimagination, the U.S. workforce is changing. A 2021 poll of 1,250 American workers found that about 23% of employees plan to look for new jobs in 2022. Now more than ever employers are recognizing the value their teams bring to their business and the overall economy. Job seekers have greater opportunities than ever before to begin a new career or start their own business, especially in the Pikes Peak region. Colorado Springs’ business-friendly environment and strong sense of community are perfect for those seeking an adventurous new career.

If you’re looking to grow or switch your career, Colorado Springs offers an array of industries for top talent and executives to choose from.

Diverse Industries for Any Skill Set

Aerospace & Defense

The Colorado Springs’ aerospace and defense sector includes the second largest space economy in the country, serving public, private, and government clients across the world. LinQuest Corporation is hiring several positions to support U.S. Space Command while the Aerospace Corp. plans to hire 200 engineers and technical employees over the next five years at their new Colorado Springs research and development facility.

Aerospace companies like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, and Boecore have a $7 billion annual economic impact on the region’s economy. Additionally, Bluestaq’s recent partnership with the O’Neil Group will facilitate the rapid growth, allowing Bluestaq to double their workforce and extend into new sectors. The missile defense company Northrop Grumman plans to hire 250 employees by the end of 2022 after its expansion into a new 100,000-square-foot office building. The industry seeks highly skilled engineers and tech-savvy talent for ground testing, cybersecurity, simulation for mission-critical scenarios, and more.

Finance & Business Services

One of the major contributors to Colorado Springs’ appeal is its central location. Interstate connectivity allows commutes to Texas and California in less than a day, making the city ideal for high-travel industries like finance and business services. With thousands of stores and offices across the U.S. and other countries, major Colorado Springs’ employers like T. Rowe Price Associates Inc. and Wells Fargo have advantageous positioning to support out-of-state clients. Business travelers are also supported by a growing hospitality industry, with local businesses like the new boutique hotel Kinship Landing hiring for new positions.

Colorado Springs holds a variety of career options in the finance and business sectors, from technology to sales to client services. Ent Credit Union opened a new facility in 2021 that includes a two-level cafeteria that faces Pikes Peak, a fitness center, and yoga studio. The company seeks to hire the best talent in mortgage lending, IT, accounting, HR, and more.


Colorado Springs’ healthcare workforce includes more than 46,000 professionals, working in every field from rehabilitation to psychiatric care. As the home of thousands of athletes and veterans, Colorado Springs provides residents with seamless healthcare. The William J. Hybl Medicine and Performance Center opened in 2020, providing cutting-edge treatment, training, and orthopedic care for professional and amateur athletes. Additionally, Centura broke ground on their third hospital in Colorado Springs in 2021. Industry-adjacent businesses like Siemens, Philips, and Thermo Fisher Scientific manufacture innovative solutions for the healthcare industry.

IT & Cybersecurity

As online shopping increased in 2020 and 2021, so did digital theft and cyberattacks. In fact, Forbes Technology Council predicts the continued savviness of hackers, with artificial intelligence becoming a top trend in malicious attacks. Globally, IT and cybersecurity professionals are more in demand than ever — Colorado Springs notwithstanding. Over 360 IT & cybersecurity companies call the Pikes Peak region home, including Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Oracle, and Verizon.


Colorado Springs’ manufacturing workforce is over 11,000 strong with over 400 companies to choose from, including Keysight Technologies and Advantage Manufacturing. Microchip Technologies will soon begin a $40 million expansion of their Colorado Springs operation to help with the turnaround of the global semiconductor shortage. The company plans to hire 50 to 75 employees over the next six months, working to double the amount of chips they produce.

Sports & Outdoor Recreation

Olympic City USA, also known as Colorado Springs, has been stimulating the growth in the sports and outdoor recreation sector for decades. In fact, the industry generates $400 million annually, due to investments such as the C4C initiative. USA Swimming announced several new positions in early 2022. More than 60 national and international sports organizations contribute to the region’s economy, making Colorado Springs a leading innovator in the sport industry.

With future-focused work and high livability rankings, including jobs that allow you to work from home and explore the mountainside after hours, Colorado Springs is an ideal choice for top talent and executives. Learn why the Pikes Peak region is one of the best areas to live and visit our jobs page to  find your perfect career.