October 3, 2016

2016 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Cybersecurity Summit

Pikes Peak and Cog Train

Andy Merritt, Chief Defense Industry Officer, had the opportunity to attend the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Cybersecurity Summit in Washington, D.C. on September 27. The event featured presentations from government cyber leaders, cyber industry leaders, Congressional leaders and North American partners from Canada and Mexico. The event offered the opportunity to learn more about the future direction of cyber from a governmental and industry perspective, and also deeper dives into topics like the cyber threats posed to businesses by mobile device usage.

The event highlighted for that there is still a lack of awareness in the National Capital about cyber developments and capabilities in Colorado Springs, while reinforcing the excitement generated when explaining what is happening here. Each leader I spoke with was quite interested in learning more and were all open to invitations to visit the area and see first-hand some of the exciting developments occurring on the cyber front in Colorado Springs.

I live-tweeted the conference, here are a few highlights:

Rep. McCaul glad Cybersecurity raised at Pres debate last night #cyber16
CSBusinessAlliance (@CSRBA) September 27, 2016

Rep McCaul – terrorists now more sophisticated in communications
CSBusinessAlliance (@CSRBA) September 27, 2016

Rep McCaul – create 9/11 style commission to make rec’s to Congress on addressing mobile device encryption #cyber16
CSBusinessAlliance (@CSRBA) September 27, 2016

Mobile apps make up more than half of Internet use today. Are your employee devices secure? #cyber16
CSBusinessAlliance (@CSRBA) September 27, 2016

Live hacking demo on vulnerabilities of public wifi -don’t click auto connect anymore
CSBusinessAlliance (@CSRBA) September 27, 2016

Here are some interesting facts that were shared as well:

  • According to Lookout, the average American uses 12 different apps each day and spends 7 hours per day on a smartphone.
  • According to the FBI, in 2015, 2,453 victims reported a total loss of $24,124,019 due to cyber attacks.
  • The FBI has set up an internet crime complaint center at www.ic3.gov

Government organizations that presented

Industry leading companies that presented