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Government Affairs Council

Your Dedicated Pro-Business Advocate

At the Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC, we work at all levels of government to advocate for a positive business climate in the region. Consider us your resource for all policy-related issues that matter to your business.

What We Do

Acting as the voice for local businesses, we work to ensure that local, state, and federal policy and legislation work in your best interest by supporting initiatives that promote business growth and opportunities. We work alongside our members, investors and lobbyists to communicate strategic positions and updates on issues that will encourage a positive working environment in our community and continue to make the Colorado Springs region an exceptional place to do business.

State Partners

In our work at both the legislative and executive branches of state government, we work with many state-wide advocacy partners to identify and champion pro-business solutions. These invaluable partners include:

Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry
Colorado Competitive Council
Colorado Succeeds

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